Robbie Abalos / ALVY

robbieRobbie is an actor, writer and theater tech based in Portland. He has worked on short films and commercials. As a stand-up comedian, he can be seen at open mics and comedy clubs across town.In parallel life he is Gordy Crescents an exotic cat trainer and gourmet chef.




Nivi Singh / BLUE

niviNivi has worked on feature film, short films, web-series, music videos and theater in Long Beach, CA and Los Angeles.Studied acting at Chubbuck Studios, South Coast Repertory and Groundlings.She is an alumnae of University Of Southern California.

Likes to dabble in really!



Holly Danelle / SALLY

sallyHolly is an experienced theater actress. She has performed in Portland and neighboring areas.

Apart from acting her other interests include painting and photography.

Can do an authentic British accent.



Michael A LaFlamme / AGENT SCOTT

agent“Mick” to his friends has been a fast food cook, waiter, student, patient, husband, husband again, maintenance engineer, assembler, comedian (so he claims), pirate (Really! They were taking applications!), video and shoe store manager (please kill me now), delivery driver, bartender, airport security, and band camp janitor (ew). Having tried every other dirty job, he figured he might as well try being an actor. Mick lives in Portland, Oregon.




secretaryLaura is a local actress and model in Portland, with a flair for comedy. When not partaking in the film scene in Portland, she fills her time working as a nanny.

And as you might expect, she has a great love of felines.




Elliot / JOEY

joeyElliot is a native of Tucson, AZ who now calls Portland his home. Has a degree in Philosophy from University of Arizona.

Got this role accidentally when another actor backed out at the last minute.